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It’s time for contraceptive justice

Pharmaceutical companies should push against unsubstantiated and outdated ideas about a lack of demand for long-term male contraception.

The diverse challenges of energy transitions worldwide

"It is time to stop the blame game and recognise the need for international cooperation to achieve energy transition and collectively mitigate climate change."

Investigation: Toxic Chemical in University Hand Sanitisers

Relisan hand sanitiser, purchased by Oxford University for use in its facilities, has been found to contain a synthetic fragrance called butylphenyl methylpropional, also...

Automatic Facial Recognition – A gaping hole in data privacy legislation?

As technology advances, we lose track of the vast amounts of data being stored and our ignorance prevents us from protecting our data in the future.

Long COVID: What can we do?

In a crisis full of unknown variables, it pays to stay alert for new curveballs to avoid being caught off guard in the future.

Wake up and smell the… nothing

Once you lose your ability to taste, what do you eat?

Speed or Safety? Science publishing in the time of COVID-19

Global pandemics demand fast, evidence-based responses. This poses a conundrum. Communication of scientific research is deliberately and excruciatingly slow. After an article is submitted...

Unmasking the Failings: why the UK government was too slow on face coverings

Picture this: a man in his 20s has contracted COVID-19, but he doesn’t know it. He heads to the shop for some supplies. He...

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