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    The Demolished School

    "Spending years of loneliness sitting on that toilet seat, a haven from slow lunch times with no friends, I knew the peeling paint as if it were my own palm, cream cracking, exposing the avocado green of the seventies."

    Colour me this: a personal perspective on racism across cultures

    It’s true, no one is born a racist but the cruelty of a racist system is that the moment you inhale, you become a...

    Oxford provides online learning resources for school students

    Oxford University is providing resources to help children learn while schools are closed. The Department of Education is providing online home-schooling resources and Oxplore,...

    For whom and for how long?

    Reminiscing about one’s teenage years is a rather cinematic task. After all, Hollywood has made a great profit from narrating stories about what being a teenager should be and feel like.

    Popping the all-boy bubble

    How much do the benefits of an all-boy education outweigh the costs?

    Compulsory sport should stay in school

    It is the dead of winter. Snow carpets the ground. Somewhere, a whistle shrieks and a woman closely resembling a Staffordshire bull terrier barks...

    Dispatches: ‘Marooned between past and present, not here’

    A short story of everyday escapism, by Izzy Smith

    Moving to university harms school social circles, study concludes

    A lack of contact and investment in old friendships can lead to the rapid deterioration of relationships formed in childhood

    My secondary school was a vibrant patchwork of people and cultures

    Heather Cant discusses the importance of social diversity in secondary schools

    Unearthing the past: in search of stasis, simplicity and Mrs Simpson

    Daniel Curtis reflects on school memories and how disorientating Oxford can appear at first

    An academic education isn’t everything

    Academic and vocational qualifications should be treated as equals

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