Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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A definitely unbiased and completely impartial guide to clubbing in Oxford

Parkend is the only place you will ever see people moshing to White Flag

The topography of Oxford

"Then there were more obscure terms: "see you in Cowley". I must admit that given the notoriously well-articulated British pronunciation I honestly believed they were referring to a certain Cow Lake, which I then presumed to be located in Christchurch Meadow, given the cows. It appears that it is the name of the vibrant area south of Oxford." Nicola Carotenuto provides a satirical glance at Oxford student life and lingo.

Satire: A Letter to the Neophytes

"Matriculation (a corruption of “Matron’s lactations”, a common public-school ambrosia) is a ceremony that takes place every year in Oxford, marking the final severing of the students’ weak connection to reality."

Classic Letdowns: Proust

Disclaimer – I have not read the full 3000 pages of this story, nor do I intend to. The reasons for this will become...

SATIRE: Oxfess Wars, Fun or Boring?

Most Oxford students’ lives right now are defined by uncertainty. Will we be faced with an online Michaelmas as well as Trinity? When will we...

SATIRE: Has anyone checked in on Gwyneth Paltrow recently?

Holly Holiday from Glee consciously uncoupling from her brain stem has become the definitive image of Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 pandemic-based thriller, Contagion. Yes, Contagion, you know,...

SATIRE: Who Needs Money When You Have Love?

Boris Johnson addressed the decade old issue of underfunding the health service on Easter Sunday. “Our NHS is the beating heart of this country - it...

SATIRE: Bully for You, Bully for Me

I awake to the sounds of Mall Grab blaring from my phone. I love Mall Grab. His music is sick. I roll over and...

SATIRE: Captain Tom We Need You!

'We might need a few more laps from Captain Tom yet.' Jack Womack gives us his take on the nation's favourite hero.

SATIRE: How to feel rich during quarantine

You only need to put yourself in the shoes of socialite Emeliva Howawante to see the richer side of quarantine living