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Opinion – We’ve Left: Supporting Remain is Political Suicide

The pollster Peter Kellner predicted in early 2018 that 450,000 net Brexiteers were dying per annum. On this logic, he suggested that by 2020 Britain would...

It’s time to accept Brexit has failed

Without any meaningful agreement, leaving the EU presents an unacceptable risk.

Single-minded Brexiteers are the real snowflakes

Right-moaners want to create a ‘safe space’ for themselves where they don’t have to engage with the views of neighbouring countries

Oxford Brexit boss: academics feel “threatened” by Leave vote

Despite concerns, Oxford University sees a ten per cent rise in European applications since the EU referendum last year

Number of EU applicants drops after Brexit

UCAS figures show a seven per cent fall in university applications from the EU

Lord Patten condemns Brexit immigration plans

The Chancellor of Oxford University has called on the government to stop treating foreign students as “economic migrants”

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