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Say Yes to NUS: The Case for Remaining Within the National Union of Students

Oxford’s storied place in the creation of NUS means you would be especially missed.

Interview with the previous leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson

“I've previously joked it’s much harder to come out as a Tory at the BBC, than it is to come out as gay,” Ruth...

Opinion – We’ve Left: Supporting Remain is Political Suicide

The pollster Peter Kellner predicted in early 2018 that 450,000 net Brexiteers were dying per annum. On this logic, he suggested that by 2020 Britain would...

Oxford to hold citizens’ assembly on climate change

The assembly, which will meet for the first time in September, will involve a randomly-selected representative sample of Oxford citizens. It will help consider new carbon targets and additional measures to reduce emissions.

A vote on the Brexit deal is only democratic

Accepting the Tory government’s plans without the people having their say will put our country at risk

College JCRs discuss funding Irish students to vote in referendum

The minutes of the Christ Church meeting, seen by Cherwell, showed that some students were concerned the motion was "irrelevant", as there were only two JCR members eligible to receive funding.

Repealing the 8th: a movement for all generations

All generations need to engage in the upcoming Irish abortion referendum

Academic exodus continues

The resignation of 230 EU academics is "very serious for Oxford"

We need a second referendum

Will Dry makes the case that governmental blunders necessitate a second crack for Remain

We can scrutinise without abusing

It’s important to reject personal attacks on politicians, but holding these same politicians to account is important for our democracy

OUSU launches student consultation on scholars’ gowns

Consultation by OUSU regarding the wearing of scholars' gowns in exams opens today

Controversy stikes Oxford local council elections

Lib Dem student candidate hits back at "blatant lie"

Battling uncertainty with uncertainty is reckless: Indy Ref Two must wait

The case for Scottish independence is just as poor as at the time of the last referendum, argues Emma Leech

Oxford reacts to Brexit

The University shares its views on the announcement that the UK will leave the European Union

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