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    On the right to privacy

    When I was asked to write this piece I initially refused. I refused because now, five years since my first Gender Identity Clinic (GIC)...

    EXCLUSIVE: OxMatch breached data protection law

    "While the “purposes” outlined in OxMatch’s privacy policy pertained to communicating regarding their match, students also received emails about signing up to MyTutor, a new version of Oxfess and new rounds of OxMatch."

    Mass surveillance could save us from extinction, claims Professor

    Bostrom argued that humanity’s demise is likely to be at the hands of a technology of our own design, and to counter this we may require global mass surveillance.

    Email blunder reveals names of 1st year medics on pass/fail borderline

    A timetable for those sitting viva voce examinations included their full names instead of candidate numbers

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