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    ‘I’m a practical man’: Lech Wałęsa in conversation

    There can’t be many people who have inspired both an opera and a U2 stadium anthem. President Lech Wałęsa may well be one of...

    Covid-19 and populism: The death or renewal?

    The dire mismanagement of the crisis by populist-led governments has temporarily exposed the delusion of the populist promise, driving the people towards more conventional politics. However, populists in opposition are and can expect to continue seeing a surge of support, with the pandemic providing the ideal environment for them to exploit.

    Supporting right-wing populists linked with climate scepticism, says Oxford study

    The study combined the internet browsing history of over 9,000 participants in six countries including the USA and UK with survey data to establish whether there was a link between support for populist parties and climate scepticism.

    Pop and populism go hand in hand

    Jan Eijking warns that we cannot view Kanye West's meeting with President Trump as some surreal joke

    Is there a way out of this crisis for the Catalan people?

    Don't believe the half-truths and empty rhetoric on both sides, warns Jorge López Llorente

    Polemic, platitudes, and empty rhetoric

    Bernie Sanders’ book launch at the Sheldonian left Cat Bean doubtful of the ability of populists to create meaningful political change

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