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    Deuteronomy Review: Breath-taking, Heart-stopping, Terrifying

    "I will be back tomorrow, and the day after; because if I never see Deuteronomy again it will be the tragedy of my life."

    Review: Better Yesterday

    "The most important takeaway of Better Yesterday... is ultimately the idea of how the voyeuristic public eye can be damaging to a relationship."

    The Story Behind Noah Wild’s ‘I Will Delete This Story’

    “Growing up when the past won't let you go”

    Skin Review 

    "A constant motif of entrapment"

    ‘Women You Know’: Review

    "I laughed, I tried but failed to cry, and had an overall nice time spending my Wednesday evening listening to these two women."

    ‘Maurice’ : A review

    "It is the perfect choice for the start of term with the potential for all of us to find a piece of ourselves"

    Scenes With Girls : A Review

    "The play as a whole was beautiful to watch. It is funny, relatable and well-delivered."

    Vessel : A Review

    CW : mention of disordered eating, fat phobia, body dysmorphia Have you ever wept in a toilet stall—maybe during a particularly rough school day,...

    Becoming Hir

    The play’s cathartic nature hinges on New York playwright Taylor Mac’s darkly playful approach to gender issues.

    Dining al Desko Preview – ‘a tale of high treachery and highlighters’

    An acutely observed examination of inane office politics, despair, and social media

    Hedda: “the story of a woman who demands a better life”

    We chatted to the female-identifying members of the cast and crew of Hedda to find out what the play and its protagonist mean to them

    Dining al Desko review – ‘gently depressing but hilarious’

    The subtle destruction of office careers, told via its character's monologue is amusing and meaningful.

    Tis A Pity She’s A Piglet review – “Energetic and farcical, if lacking discipline”

    Ethan Croft reviews Paul Foot’s new venture, ‘Tis A Pity She’s A Piglet, as the Merton alumnus returns to Oxford on tour

    “Sharp humour with profound philosophical underpinnings”

    Giovanni Musella looks ahead at a new production of Blavatsky's Tower

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