Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Shrunken heads removed from Pitt Rivers Museum display

Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum has indefinitely removed its controversial collection of shrunken heads from the public view as part of a “decolonisation” process. The...

Pitt Rivers to restore Maasai artefacts

A group of Maasai tribespeople visited Oxford this month as part of an effort to retrieve sacred objects held by the Pitt Rivers Museum. The...

Pitt Rivers collaborates with Shuar representatives to review shrunken heads display

The Pitt Rivers Museum is reviewing its display of shrunken heads after concerns were raised about the sensitivity of the display. The museum has...

Oxford Museums and the Artefacts of Colonialism

Lydia Stephens considers Oxford museums in light of the repatriation debate

The Pitt Rivers must face its dark past

Museum director Dr. Van Broekhoven agrees that a future must be found for the Pitt Rivers' colonial history