Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Oxford SU continues boycott of National Student Survey

A main point of contention in the past, and the motivator for starting the boycott in 2017, was the survey’s links to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Historically, the TEF could have permitted higher-performing universities to charge above the £9250 fee cap.

Oxford SU launch ‘It’s not enough’ campaign

"The only way we can enact real change is by holding the University to account and by pushing them to do better, because right now, it’s not enough."

Cher-ity Corner: Target Schools Oxford

“Target Schools is Oxford SU's home of student-led access work, with the overall aim of widening participation and improving access to higher education (specifically to Oxford) for students from under-represented backgrounds.”

BREAKING: New SU President elected in record breaking by-election turnout

Anvee Bhutani has been elected as the President of the Oxford Student Union for the 2021-22 academic year. The voting had the highest ever...

SU Fair Outcomes for Students releases update

The Student Union’s Fair Outcomes for Students campaign has released two new goals for the future. It aims to open more study spaces and...

Oxford SU responds to the uncertainty over Trinity returns

The sabbatical officers at Oxford SU have released an official response to the uncertainty over Trinity returns for students. This comes after a range...

Oxford SU release summary of their work in 2020

"Some of the key priorities that the SU outlined include digital resources, ensuring no rent is charged to students not in Oxford, and the fair outcomes for students campaign."

BREAKING: Oxford SU President-Elect resigns following controversy

CW: racism, transphobia, antisemitism. Rashmi Samant has announced her resignation from President-elect following controversy regarding her captioning an image of herself in Malaysia with “Ching...
Rad Cam against blue sky

JCRs and societies respond to SU President-Elect controversy

College JCRs have voted to support a Motion of No Confidence in the Student Union (SU) President-Elect Rashmi Samant following a series of social media posts which have sparked controversy. Numerous student-led groups, including the SU LGBTQ+ Campaign and the Oxford International Society, have called on her to resign and apologise.

Oxford SU respond to exam policy changes

"Oxford SU have released a statement responding to the University’s new exams policy, announced last Friday."