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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Opera

In conversation with the Oxford Opera Society

"Those who aren’t so familiar with the plots of the major operas, or who wish to immerse themselves in the romance, revenge and occasional comedy so characteristic of the genre, needn’t worry that Opera Scenes isn’t staging a full production."

Narratives of Grief: Creating ‘Opera for One’

This is a strength of the performance: with a range of experiences of grief explored by a variety of composers and librettists, no one singular experience is presented, but instead the performance looks at the nuances of the emotions of grieving.

Historical Opera: A Primer

The ancient Greeks were so moved by music that in their mythological conception, the father of songs, Orpheus, could move even the rocks. In less fanciful...

Review: Don Giovanni

Premiered in 1787 in Prague and in the Habsburg court in Vienna, Mozart’s Don Giovanni offered a biting social comedy. Breathing new life into...

Review: Oxford Contemporary Opera Festival

Clementine Scott is impressed by the Oxford Contemporary Opera Festival at Saint Hilda's.

Everyone’s a Critic

Readers don’t want to read an essay. If they did, they would be scouring SOLO instead of flicking through a newspaper. The majority simply want to know if buying a ticket translates into a fun evening out.

W. G. Still: The Forgotten American Tchaikovsky

At one point America's most successful symphonist, lauded for his ode to forgotten black soldiers, few today have heard of W. G. Still. According to The Cambridge History of American Music, “No composer plummeted from authentic prominence to an eclipse more total than endured by William Grant Still.”

Interview: renowned opera singer Iestyn Davies

Cambridge, choirs, colleges and everything else

Review: Eugene Onegin at St John’s College Auditorium

The People's Opera's production of Eugene Onegin is a great achievement against the odds

Behind the curtain of opera’s accessibility crisis

Josh Taylor explores opera's apparent lack of appeal

Silent Night Review – ‘a story very relevant to our time’

The multilingual reimagining of the Christmas Truce at Leeds Town Hall feels particularly timely

The Corridor review – ‘a serious spectacle of operatic drama’

Isaac Pockney is spellbound by an opera that puts a fresh twist on a classic tale

Ignore the naysayers, opera is for everyone

Many have dismissed opera as unaffordable and elitist – they are missing out, writes Jack Pepper

La Bohème review – ‘Shabby and chic but not lacking in charm’

Amid the fakery of Shoreditch, Jack Hunter finds a rare thing: an age-old opera that celebrates the joy of being young

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