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    Electoral malpractice plagues NUS referendum

    The referendum on Oxford's affiliation to the NUS has descended into chaos with allegations of electoral malpractice on both sides. At New College, the JCR mailing...

    Accidental rule violation clouds debate on eve of NUS referendum

    The New College access officer inadvertently violated OUSU referendum rules earlier this week by emailing out her support for the ‘Yes to NUS’ campaign...

    The NUS isn’t working – and it won’t anytime soon

    Henrique Laitenberger argues that the NUS is structurally unable to provide the services students deserve

    To fight anti-Semitism, vote #YestoNUS

    Rivka Micklethwaite argues that leaving the NUS is not conducive to tackling anti-Semitism

    Nominations for NUS ‘In’ or ‘Out’ kickstart two weeks of campaigning

    NUS referendum picks up as the campaigns have been chosen

    If OUSU wants to be taken seriously, it should let us see what its up to

    Stopping Cherwell from filming in Council is closing the door on student politics

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