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    “I don’t read the news”

    "The compulsive need to stay up to date with current affairs at the expense of my mental health (and personal hygiene) led me to reassess the way I inform myself."

    NHS in crisis – Oxford braced for student return

    The only thing that makes our health system stand out at the moment is that it is in a worst state than any other in the developed world.  

    “Can’t afford to wash my clothes”: Cherwell survey reveals struggle students face in cost of living squeeze

    The last few months have seen an unprecedented cost of living crisis grip the country and affect all levels of society.  Rises in energy...

    Oriental Studies Faculty to change name

    "The name change better reflects the faculty’s ‘diversity of academic activity’ "

    A crisis on our doorstep: threats to abortion rights are closer than you think

    This ‘distant’ despair is much closer than we fear.

    Mo Farah – How Britain’s greatest athlete enhanced his legacy even further

    Farah’s hope in revealing his story is that people sit up and take notice

    Balliol student ejected from accommodation

    A contentious week of mounting disorder saw one disgraced Balliol student ejected from their accommodation. Boris Johnson, former president of the Oxford Union as well...

    Alternative media: how are we getting our information?

    "Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube are great sources of information and will become the main ones for many of us. This in itself is not a negative; technology adapts, and the way people live their lives adapts with technology - but so must regulations and laws" W A Whitten discusses how alternative forms of media are shaping news reporting.

    The ‘Foxification’ of British news: the impact of new right-wing media in the UK

    "Even though the stringent regulation of broadcasting in the UK means that these networks will not be overtly one-sided or spread ‘fake news', they are worrisome. A new fixation on ‘opinionated’ and ‘politicised’ news commentary will feed into ‘bubble culture that isolates viewers in echo chambers." Biba Jones discusses the entrance of GB News and News UK TV into the British media landscape.

    The parallel pandemic: how should we address the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories?

    "The physical impact of the virus is hugely concerning. But the threat from the parallel pandemic of misinformation – which is jeopardising our collective capability to agree on basic facts – should not be underestimated."

    Reuters Institute studying COVID-19 impact on public engagement with news

    A new research project, launched by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, will analyse public opinion towards media coverage of COVID-19. As part...

    Self-isolated student diagnosed with Covid-19

    Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed that a student at the University of Oxford has tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) after returning home from...

    Rebranding Climate Change: An Imagery Crisis

    We have no time to sit and mourn the collapse of a single ice cap or, more brutally, the death of a few Arctic polar bears; we are now facing a human crisis, with human impacts. To stop large-scale death and destruction in the world’s poorest areas, we must act now.

    BREAKING: Oxford announces record state school offers

    Oxford University has announced that more than 69% of undergraduate offers have been made to students attending state schools. The increase of 4.6% is...

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