Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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The Murder of David Amess must change the way we look...

Jo Cox’s murder in Leeds in June 2016 shocked the nation.  For the first time in since the 1990, when Ian Gow was killed by the IRA, a sitting British MP was brutally murdered for doing their job.  There were 26 years between those two tragic incidents, and now British politics is left facing a second deadly attack in five years.  But what steps can we possibly take to ensure that this violence ends?

Ex-University employee pleads guilty to US murder

Andrew Warren, who was a treasury assistant at Somerville College at the time of the murder, attacked his victim while he was sleeping as part of a 'sexual fantasy'.

Britain must take firm action against Russian aggression

Britain's increasing isolation on the world stage makes it an easy target

Rusbridger fails in bid to keep painting of murdered model at...

The LMH principal only managed to raise £80 of the £6500 it sold for at auction today

Take me to (Broad)church

Charles Britton takes a spoiler-filled look back at Chris Chibnall’s crime drama

Man to be tried for Iffley Road murder

Michael Danaher is accused of having murdered historian Adrian Greenwood