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    Money Diaries: Overdraft edition

    "In this city, there are many side hustles to choose from. From tutoring private school kids how to get into Oxford PPE to life-modelling for art students and selling Union hacks oregano as marijuana, the options are unlimited. But this time, the solution was much simpler."

    Money Talk: She who must not be named

    Quid. Dosh. Smackers. Dough. We have numerous slang names for it, but we’re still afraid to talk about it. What is it? The intimidating, uncomfortable, best avoided m-word: money.

    21st Century Midas

    "‘Look, you have drunk £3.15. You fool, that’s £3.15 you’ve eaten.’ Clink, the cup on the saucer, the coins sliding down my throat."

    Rent increases spark uncertainty for graduate students

    Graduate housing tenants have complained that University rent increases put them under increased financial pressure. A change in Oxford City Council policy also means...

    Isolation Hustles – How lockdown has affected student mini-businesses

    The coronavirus crisis has stopped the global economy in its tracks. Each week, yet more gloomy headlines appear: this week, a BBC headline proclaimed...

    Tory balls-up!

    OUCA lose £4100 thanks to poor ticket sales

    The Art of Money

    How extravagance makes a statement


    "Oxford may be one of the best universities around the world, but if we pay the same as everyone else for tuition, why can’t we pay the same for entertainment?"

    The decline of Wonderland: festive fun or Christmas consumerism?

    "Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has become a behemoth, logistically impossible and perhaps overhyped extortionate vehicle of money wasting and consumerism."

    Follow the Money: How football puts finance over fans

    In light of Bolton Wanderers' narrow escape from administration, we need to confront how money dominates our nation's favourite sport.

    An American Nightmare

    The glorification of greed in The Wolf of Wall Street is troubling for Becky Cook

    I Need a Dollar

    Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Music

    Oxford to launch first ever bond

    The University is looking to raise at least £250 million

    New College bursar slams Louise Richardson’s “grossly excessive” pay

    The New bursar said it was "hard to see value for money" in the Oxford Vice Chancellor's £350,000 salary

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