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Music beyond the M6

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, musician Sam Fender discussed the importance of singing in a Geordie accent for his latest album...

Manchester, football and the Glazers: the background to the Manchester United fan protests

Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams, has seen many iconic moments of footballing history. And yet, fans flooding onto the perfectly manicured pitch in...

EXCLUSIVE: Student journalists nationwide respond to coronavirus

Robin Connolly, Epigram, Bristol On the surface, students are seemingly most satisfied when they have something to grumble about. Although undeniably grateful when ‘safety...

The Place of Regional Theatre

The power of identity is arguably greater today than ever before. The stale, collective “British” identity is slowly being pervaded by the vibrant diversity...

Oxford’s southern obsession

As more attention is called to Oxbridge’s prejudiced admissions practices, Emma Carter analyses the barriers to entry for northern applicants

Awkward singing and timely rain from Radiohead in Manchester

Thomas Athey finds last minute venue changes are easily overcome by Radiohead

Review – Animal Collective at the O2 Ritz

Song after song from the latest album was interspersed with judicious spatterings from the back catalogue – and when they actually brought these tracks out (such as the more Pop-like ‘Daily Routine’ from Merriweather Post Pavilion), the mood finally picked up; with people going from a semicatatonic sway to actual dancing.

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