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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tag: lockdown

Crankstart volunteering demands relaxed

"Normally as part of the scholarship students are required to complete at least 25 hours of volunteering across the academic year. These can be in either community projects in Oxford or as part of outreach events for the University."

BREAKING: University suspends residency requirements for all of Hilary

In an email to students, Balliol College confirmed that "the University has removed the usual student “residency requirement” for the whole of the Term"....

Uneven Sideburns

"Empty time lent shape by the weekly rites Of chiselling the stubble away"

Four Panels and a Pen

"Find us together: tiptoeing across the fanning pages of a calendar."

Review: Adrianne Lenker’s ‘songs / instrumentals’

Big Thief’s album covers — hazy, warm-eyed snapshots of earthy nostalgia — are a fitting prelude to their deeply intimate folk music gnarled among...

The dreaded ‘transitioning’

Transitioning. The word carries so much, it should be accompanied by spooky ghost sound effects every time someone dares to utter it. To those...

Oxford Reopened: Temple Lounge

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Oxford students who wanted to catch infectious diseases had to venture into Cowley. Back in the ‘old normal’, Temple Lounge...

Play Like A Child: Sport in Lockdown

"Our analysis seems to be hugely important for our own success in the sport"

I like what you like: lockdown albums and decision fatigue

"Lockdown has heightened our collective experience of album drops. In a time of physical separation, bonding over a shared auditory experience is a privilege we haven’t taken for granted."

Oxford study reveals the effect of lockdown on disadvantaged children

A recent study run by five leading UK universities, including the University of Oxford, suggests that the development of young children from disadvantaged socioeconomic...

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