Monday, October 18, 2021
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Tag: indie music

Review: Weezer’s “OK Human”

"Ultimately, the album is about the human experience: the joys and monotonies; the passions and anxieties; the connection and solitude". Karan Chandra reviews Weezer's latest record, OK Human.

Alice Phoebe Lou: A Listener’s Guide

"What kind of living is this? I don't wanna simply exist. I wanna punch with my fists…grab life by her wrists…and say I want this". After lockdown number three was announced, the lyrics hit me in a completely new way, as if I was listening to the song for the first time again.

In Conversation with HONNE

When I met HONNE over Zoom, they’d been up late the night before working on a new music video for an acoustic version of...