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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: horror

Val Lewton’s 75-Minute Masterpieces

A lot of old movies are boring. That admission may cost me my credibility as a film nerd, but it’s true. But there are classic films that even my limited attention span can wholeheartedly enjoy, and very high on that list are the horror movies of Val Lewton.

Cannibal coming-of-age: Julia Ducournau’s Raw

'Raw is gross and disgusting, but it is also an important story about acceptance, about what makes us normal, and about our relationship with what we eat. Though the very idea of the film is sickening, disgust is central to the point it wants to make.'

A swing of the pendulum: the horror literature that’s making its way up

"Modern academics are reexamining genre fiction, helped by a number of critical movements breaking down literary elitism, and there’s a world of horror which is intelligent, complex and, most importantly, terrifying."

All treat, no terror – Halloween horrors for scardy cats

This year, Halloween is probably going to involve a movie night-in rather than a night out on the town. But not to fear! The...

Glutton for Horror

Mild Spoilers for Spirited Away and Pan’s Labyrinth Of all the sins, gluttony is the only one we truly commit against ourselves, where the implications...

The Masque of the Red Death: Reading our way out of a crisis

Edgar Allan Poe wrote his short story, the Masque of the Red Death, after his wife had been diagnosed with the then-incurable disease, tuberculosis....

Mastering the group-watch with cheap horror flicks

The credits start to roll once the house is completely overwhelmed by fire. The monster is somewhere inside, and it’s already been defeated. This...

Review: Lovecraft Country

I bought Lovecraft Country back in term time, and, as with far too many books, didn’t get around to reading it until much later....

It: Chapter Two Review

The much-anticipated sequel to IT (2017) finally saw its cinematic release last weekend as the all-grown-up Losers’ Club return home to take on Pennywise...

Jordan Peele’s new horror film ‘Us’

The idiom, “To be afraid of one’s own shadow,” normally forms part of an insult, a derogatory phrase denoting child-like cowardice. The characters of...

Stephen King’s It: the horror novel that sparked a love affair

The pleasure and terror of reading Stephen King

The Twilight Zone – ‘dizzyingly strange’

The Almeida’s adaptation of the hit TV show is baffling and brilliant in equal measure, writes John Livesey

‘It’ review – the most purely entertaining horror movie of the year

Jonnie Barrow reviews the latest silver screen horror sensation

OxView: Top Horrors

Sandy Elliot runs through his favourite scary movies

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