Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Tag: Homelessness

Oxford housing charity Edge Housing holds 10-year anniversary event

"Edge Housing is preparing to open their tenth house for rough sleepers."

New day support venue for the homeless and vulnerably-housed opening in...

The new day centre, known as the “Living Room”, will provide support in a small and friendly environment to its guests, specially targeting those who may feel more able to engage in this setting.

Homelessness in Oxfordshire has nearly halved since 2019

"Homelessness in Oxfordshire has nearly halved since 2019 due to the Oxfordshire County Council’s response to a government directive urging councils to get ‘everyone in’ due to the pandemic. This comes as Oxfordshire County Council commits to a new ‘housing-led’ approach to homelessness, the first of its kind in the country."

Vacant Nuffield College accommodation used to house homeless people

These residents will be housed in Nuffield’s Becket Street for the next two years. The properties, having been empty for 18 months, were revamped and have been designed to provide housing in which residents can have a “sense of ownership”.

Council pledges £50 million to retrofit homes

Oxford City Council is set to spend over £50 million in order to retrofit council homes, it has been announced.  The scheme is going ahead...

Little Giveaways

"Jazz was being played over the stereo like theme music, as if they were acting in a television drama where each character had some essential trait, some crucial role."

Oxford’s homelessness services will not cooperate with deporting rough sleepers

“Should we be running the risk that fear of being deported will lead those who are already vulnerable being exploited and even becoming victims of modern slavery?”

Oxford awarded £1 million to fight homelessness

Oxford City Council and charity Aspire have made a successful bid for government funding to tackle homelessness and move people who had been sleeping...

The Housing Crisis: coronavirus and ‘mass evictions’

In the midst of a global pandemic, another dangerous crisis is emerging on British soil. This time, Day Zero will be the 25th of June. Unless action...

Pembroke provides food for 100 homeless people

Pembroke College is providing homeless people in Oxford with three meals a day in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The College is participating in...