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Five reasons to eat the whole apple

I’ll admit that there’s nothing quite like that first bite into a crisp apple. Crunching off the overhang you’ve made as you’ve gone around...

UN Report featuring Oxford analysis finds trillions in hidden costs of agrifood systems

A new United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report based on Oxford research has found that hidden social, environmental and health costs from...

Why do we drink?

Some drink for good reasons. This might be a tipple after a hard day, or a few drinks and a dance every so often...

Why I was ready for Ramadan to end

"Ramadan is not only a physical struggle, but also a spiritual one."

Oxford is still a healthy city, census data shows

Census data, released on the 19th of January and carried out in March 2021 during ‘lockdown’, shows that Oxford remains a healthy city. 87.0%...

New habits die fast: Tales from the gym

Yes, I recently started going to the gym. No, I did not start going on a ‘new year, new me’ whim. No, I would...

Radical self-acceptance as a highly sensitive person

Do you hate me? I would ask my long-suffering then boyfriend this question upwards of five times a day throughout the course of our relationship. There was nothing wrong, and he would, of course, always say no – but I just needed to check. 

Oxford University to host G7 health summit

"Attendees will discuss issues concerning antibiotic resistance, clinical trials, and global health security against future pandemics. Digital health – the intersection of technology, healthcare, and personalised treatments – will also be on the agenda."

“Not just a headache” – what migraines feel like and their impact

"A migraine is usually identified by a moderate or severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. It is a complex condition with a wide variety of symptoms, including sensitivities to light or sound."

New Oxford study claims mortality rates rise for gamblers

"A study published by Oxford reveals that high levels of gambling are associated with a 37% increase in mortality."

Long COVID: What can we do?

In a crisis full of unknown variables, it pays to stay alert for new curveballs to avoid being caught off guard in the future.

You are not alone – What getting run over by a bus taught me about myself and Oxford

It’s been an odd year for everyone. Few could have predicted that Hilary would end in such a dramatic fashion, and certainly not myself,...

“Superstition ain’t the way” – did Stevie Wonder get it right?

On my left wrist sits a tiny silver star on a chain. On my right hand, a ring my mother was given by her...

Home Workouts: A Guide

With term looming and a reading list down to our feet, we’re all getting our fair share of mental exercise. But with thinking comes frustration, and...

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