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    The Undercurrent: Student Union election time!

    One lucky candidate will become our new supreme leader on Thursday night, assuming charge of a groaning bureaucracy that claims to run everything that happens in Oxford while giving off the unnerving impression that it does absolutely nothing

    Multi-factor authentication – why it’s more than just extra effort

    "Instead of just using one method of authentication, MFA requires at least two factors to prove the users identity from a combination of these elements below, so that the attacker won’t be able to gain access to the user’s account even if they’ve cracked the user’s passcode!"

    Cybersecurity risk posed to incoming students

    A recent report by cybersecurity firm Proofpoint has revealed that the vast majority of the UK’s universities, including Oxford, have failed to take recommended...

    Iranian hackers steal sensitive Oxford research

    The hacked papers are then sold online to customers in Iran for as little as £2

    St Anne’s JCR website hacked by pro-Palestinian liberation group

    The JCR President said he was seeking advice to make sure it didn't happen again

    The internet rules international relations

    Katherine Pye outlines the influence of the internet revolution on global politics.

    Beware the Russians under the bed

    Genuine concern with Putin’s interference in foreign elections is justified, but hysterical overreaction helps no one

    The Devil’s Advocate: hack! the herald angels sing

    Gavin Flemming argues that Russian hacking is par for the course in the brutal world of geopolitics

    One thing I’d change about Oxford… Hacking

    Maxim Parr-Reid criticises the extent of hacking in Oxford

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