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How much do we really value free speech?

That is to say, you can vehemently disagree with someone, but in dealing with academic research, the basis for these critiques should be ‘this is why you are wrong’, rather than ‘I don’t like what you are saying’.

Oxford’s JCRs and MCRs to be exempt from higher education freedom of speech bill

"The bill states that higher education providers and their student unions must 'secure freedom of speech'".

Polarising the free speech debate

The question of who deserves our attention does not allow us easy answers.

Counter-terrorism measures threaten democracy

Recent abuses of regulation lay bare the extent of its politicisation.

MEP writes to University Vice-Chancellor after being disinvited by Polish Society

Catherine Bearder called on the University to ensure the society adhered to free speech guidelines

The rights and responsibilities of fighting ‘evil speeches’

We violate our liberties if we give way to censorship, but freedom should not entail letting hate speech go unchallenged

The simplification of our politics is a modern scourge

Simplistic, outraged rhetoric and a failure to focus on nuance prevents proper debate at a time when it is more important than ever

C+: Student testimonials on free speech in Oxford

As part of the survey conducted to gather experiences and opinions of students in Oxford, C+ collect­ed anonymised comments from students on their perceptions of freedom of speech in Oxford.

In conversation with Jacob Williams, of ‘Open Oxford’ and ‘No Offence’

Maxim Parr-Reid interviews the founder of one of Oxford's most notorious student publications

Free speech at university has a storied past

Our universities were not built as havens of free expression, and Oxford never led the way on free speech

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