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Eat the rich! (Unless it’s Taylor Swift?)

"Ultimately, if someone does something damaging, we should be able to criticize their actions. Even if that person is a woman, even if that woman is Taylor Swift."

“They’re side notes in history”: In conversation with Bluestocking Oxford

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘bluestocking’ before. Though it came to be used as a misogynistic pejorative, its origins lie in 18th-century Britain, when...

“Everywhere we go, we ask: ‘What are the dominant narratives about the city? And what are they hiding?”

I’ve walked past the Clarendon Building on Broad Street many times – but I’d never thought to ask what it had been used for...

Violence, fear, and womanhood 

"We view women as something akin to public property that must be regulated as convenient."

Nuclear Bombs and Feminism: Monica Sjöö’s Exhibition at Modern Art Oxford

"Based on the Modern Art Oxford posters, Monica Sjöö’s activism appeared to be a driving force for social change."

“The world around us is evolving at a much faster pace than the reading lists”: Are women underrepresented in the curriculum? 

The fact that women seemed sidelined by the curriculum in school always seemed an accepted fact. In GCSE English, we encountered depictions of Curley’s...

“Being delusional is the best form of therapy”: In conversation with Mia Khalifa

At 17:35 on May 3rd, I received an email from the Oxford Union Press that in about 2 hours I would be interviewing Mia...

Dressing for the Job

"We deserve a standardised law that demands equality and consistency in the workplace instead of hoping that employers deign to allow comfortable, practical alternatives to old-fashioned suits and gendered dichotomies."

Have A Hot Girl Hilary!

Deborah Ogunnoiki reviews Oloni's sex guide The Big O on how to have a healthy sex life, just in time for 'Hot Girl Hilary'.

Scenes With Girls : A Review

"The play as a whole was beautiful to watch. It is funny, relatable and well-delivered."

Irmgard Keun’s normal superwomen

Lori Latour reviews the life and work of the 20th century German novelist Irmgard Keun.

“I have a boyfriend”: A lie as old as time

I have a boyfriend. Why do we say it? Because of the time-honoured strange conviction that the female 'no' actually, to all intents and purposes,...

On breakups: Dumping exes and expectations

In a perverse way, I think I was excited for my first break up. I grew up on a cultural diet of Elle Woods...

Breaking Bridge

CW: Sexual assault. Women want to be able to look and feel good when going on a night out and not be sexually assaulted. Fun...

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