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    What next for Meta?

    Mark Zuckerberg might want to sell us all on the metaverse, but there are far more pressing issues for the social media giant. As yet...

    Everything wrong with social media infographics: an informative thread

    "Infographics also generate slacktivism, which gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something and creating change, whilst in reality not much is being done." Anvee Bhutani investigates the problems inherent in social media infographics.

    Alan Rusbridger selected for Facebook overview board

    Alan Rusbridger, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall and former Guardian editor, has been selected as one of 20 members on Facebook’s new independent oversight...

    Blind Spots and Vigilantism: Learning from the ghosts of recent pandemics past

    ‘I refute the claim that news cannot be made directly relevant, engaging, and motivating wherever it happens.’ Francesca Butt warns us against the blind spots in our media coverage and tells us what we can learn from online outrage.

    Oxfess – the good, the bad and the ugly

    Niuniu Zhao investigates what Oxfess can tell us about Oxford's student culture

    Oxfess and Oxlove admins take pages offline after abuse

    They were both taken down from Facebook on Tuesday afternoon following a set of abusive submissions aimed at the admins

    I’m deleting Facebook, for your benefit as much as mine

    All of us contribute to making algorithms dangerously accurate

    Oxlove to sell stash

    The admins of the page intend to release hoodies and t-shirts in the near future.

    Let’s admit it, we all need Oxfeud

    Oxfeud is the perfect outlet for petty outbursts of anger

    We were better off without Oxfeud

    Oxfeud was just an excuse for us to waste time being nasty, writes Alexander Curtis

    Life Divided: The Rad Cam

    Priya Vempali and Julia Alsop avoid circular arguments

    Instagram’s self-sabotage

    Daisy Chandley asks why Instagram keeps trying to fix what isn't broken

    Facebook’s fight against fake news is only a starting point

    Leading up to the general election, Facebook’s positive action is at once concerning and desperately needed

    Oxfess provides an uncomfortable window into Oxford’s mental health struggles

    Naomi Packer exposes the pressures of an elite institution on our mental health, and what we can do to help those suffering the most

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