Monday, September 20, 2021
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    Scholars’ gowns should inspire, not intimidate

    We shouldn't feel snubbed, nor that we don't deserve our places at Oxford

    Reflections of a soon-to-be finalist

    Going into your final year at university can feel like a big change, but being a finalist doesn't mean you can't have any fun

    Music finalists raise concerns over ‘illegible’ exam paper

    The Faculty has been criticised for its "unacceptable" mistake

    Surviving on Chips, Cheese and MSGs

    Welcome to exam season, and the eating habits that accompany it

    Had Eno-ugh of revision? Give ‘Ascent’ a listen

    Exams coming up? Check out this perfect track to help you cope

    Law Faculty slammed for case list change

    The Faculty excluded headings and subheadings from a case list, departing from normal practice

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

    Oxford’s trashing clampdown is nothing short of garbage

    How to: Survive Trinity

    It's not just about revision – it's about relaxing, recuperating and resting too

    Finalist thanks ‘legends’ after notes and laptop stolen

    Anne-Marie Downes' revision materials were taken from a car in Durham

    Finalist degrees jeopardised by external examiner resignations

    Examiners have been called to resign in solidarity with the UCU strike, potentially disrupting the setting and marking of papers