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Crops, Commoning and Colonialism: Lessons from the Oxford Real Farming Conference

For anyone strolling around Oxford over the 4th to 5th of January, make no mistake: the abundance of tweed-clad range-roverists had nothing to do...

Oxford announces new AI Environment centre amidst wider UK investment

The University has announced plans to open a new “Intelligent Earth Centre” focusing on theintersection between Artificial Intelligence and environmental sciences. The centre will...

Oxford-led research highlights importance of nature-based solutions for net zero in Brazil

With the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) approaching, international researchers led by Oxford have found that nature-based solutions must feature in Brazil’s climate...

Merton College withdraws from local solar panel initiative

Merton College has withdrawn from a possible land use collaboration with Botley West Solar Farm, forfeiting the potential of generating 840 megawatts of clean...

St John’s College exhibits Pollution Pods designed to raise environmental awareness

A Pollution Pods exhibit was recently erected at St John’s College as a collaborative art project between the college, the Oxford Cultural Programme, and...

Oxford City Council could join nationwide calls for ban on disposable vapes

The Oxford City Council is holding discussions on whether it should support a ban on disposable vapes. A recent motion was proposed by Green...

Sunak’s rollback on climate and the economy

The unanimous agreement of industry is striking: while they might normally be reluctant to directly criticise government policy, the automotive industry has been almost unified in its dismay.

The cutback and growth of Britain’s urban hedges

"There are encouraging signs that point towards the restoration of this fascinatingly ordinary part of British life"

Our planet is in crisis; can we save it?

"We are at a crossroads for humanity."

“State of the Art”: Why the Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities is a Revolutionary Project for the Future of Oxford

"The Centre has the potential to cement Oxford’s position as the leading destination for humanities not just in the UK, but in the World."

A Night Under the Stars: Reviewing Enclosure

The programme for Mostly Moss Productions' Enclosure reads: “In this time of crisis hold each other closer. In community with each other, and with...

Broad Street: Pedestrianisation in the heart of Oxford

Broad Street is undergoing a transformative “pedestrianisation”, which will soon enter an 18-month trial period. Aiming to provide more public space for Oxford’s community,...

The University must come clean

As a campaign, we believe deeply that the University facilitates greenwashing and extends social license by accepting fossil fuel donations.

Supermarkets could introduce ‘green labels’ after Oxford research

Plant-based foods faired better than meat alternatives with vegan sausages shown to have an impact 90% lower than that of their pork counterparts.

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