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Oxford tourism numbers rebound after the pandemic

Oxford tourism numbers are now surpassing pre-pandemic levels, after having been among the most reduced in the UK during COVID. Eight and a half...

Return to in-person lectures causes accessibility problems for students

The end of COVID-19 restrictions at Oxford University has brought about the return to in-person learning. Students now have to get used to attending...

Covid, War, Climate change: the end of our globalised world?

"Another diplomatic and economic bomb is waiting to explode: our dependency on China."

Why Isn’t Dystopian Fiction Fun Anymore?

"I wonder if the dystopian novels that we read...are really so far off from our own reality"

What’s happening in the chapel: The memory of COVID-19

“At least things are sort of normal now”. This seems to be the constant refrain of students, fellows and staff in the university as...

Oxford and Southhampton Universities begin search for volunteers for COVID-19 pill trials

Oxford and Southampton universities are looking for volunteers to trial Molnupiravir, a potential treatment for COVID-19. The trial is being led by Oxford’s Nuffield...

Collective security and individual freedom in the Covid era: how clear-cut of a conflict is there?

"Genuine political savviness should complicate our outlook on the inveterate clash between universalism and particularism that the Covid era has brought into fresh attention."

The world ain’t so bad after all

"It was the social interaction that we craved, the personal connections formed that couldn’t be fostered behind a screen."

Oxford research finds sharp reduction in children’s hospital admissions

Research conducted at Oxford University has revealed that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a dramatic reduction in hospital admissions for children. 

Paxlovid: How a new oral drug against COVID-19 was designed

Despite progress with vaccinations, the highly contagious Omicron variant has caused cases to surge. Along with other UK approved drugs such as Merck’s Molnupiravir, Pfizer’s oral treatment, Paxlovid, could be a useful tool for doctors to treat patients.

Hackers targeted Oxford vaccine research

A review shows that the health sector has been experiencing record hack attempts, with 777 cases recorded between August 2020 and September 2021. This is an increase from the 723 incidents recorded in 2020. 

Two suspected Omicron cases identified at Pembroke

“The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has identified two suspected cases of the Omicron variant in people associated with Pembroke College, according to an email from Pembroke to their students."

98% of surveyed Oxford University students vaccinated

"The response rate for the survey was 49.3%. The University also reported 'there were virtually no differences in vaccination rates between different colleges and departments'."

Researchers reveal pandemic’s impact on children’s mental health

A new policy briefing by a team of researchers at King’s College London and Oxford University has revealed the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic of the mental health of children and young people, as well as setting out various steps which can be taken to address this growing crisis. 

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