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Choked Up: Race and the climate justice movement

‘As a child it was always the small things I would notice, an ice cream van humming in the playground, parked cars outside the...

The cacophony of crisis

COP26 has brought forth a multitude of images which embody the climate crisis: koalas clinging to rescue workers in Australian forest fires, polar bears...

The COP26 coalition: Politicians won’t save us, people will

"The Global Day of Action, the People’s Summit, and other actions in Glasgow over these two weeks demonstrate the anger and love that empower change."


"We can’t help but ask ourselves whether leaders care about leaving a planet behind on which the next generations can live."

Carbon-footprint Culinary: the Future of Menus?

COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently underway in Glasgow, is providing catering that prioritises locally sourced and seasonal food ‘to minimise mileage...

Over a third of UK Government COP26 advisors associated with Oxbridge

"The UK Government was advised by the 'Friends of COP' during the last global climate summit. Over a third of the ‘friends of COP' were associated with either Oxford or Cambridge, and over a quarter four attended Russell Group Universities for their studies."

Global Day for Climate Justice draws crowds in Oxford

Saturday the 6th saw a protest for climate justice in Oxford, which started with a march in Cowley and ended with a rally on Broad Street. It was attended by a “movement of movements”, including Extinction Rebellion, Oxford Climate Society and various faith and political leaders.

Oxford researchers declare need for cohesive action on deforestation

A team of political and environmental researchers, including Oxford’s Professor Connie McDermott, came together on October 19th to issue an urgent warning: more inclusive and coherent global action was desperately needed to save forests and avert severe social, economic, and environmental disruption. 

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