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    A Worm on What If

    "A delicate chain bobs around his neck (his neck being the whole length of his body, which is just one long neck really); he bought it after watching Normal Worms. Maybe if he looked like worm-Connell, he imagines, things would have been different. Maybe worm-Sharon wouldn’t have left him for worm-Darren."

    Eagerly Anticipating: Sex Education Series 3

    "I am desperately hoping Sex Education returns as planned in January – we don’t need any more bad news this year."

    Preview: V-Card

    "V-Card looks to be one to remember"

    Learning From Blackface Comedy

    conformism to a prejudiced society shapes our perception of humour more than we may realise

    Students review their favourite audiobooks

    'Good Omens' by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman, read by Martin JarvisI love the idea of audiobooks but often struggle to find one I...

    Oxford student stars in lockdown music video

    Andy Vaic, a student at Oxford, has released a humorous music video about lockdown to his song ‘Why, Why, Why’. His original music video...

    SATIRE: Has anyone checked in on Gwyneth Paltrow recently?

    Holly Holiday from Glee consciously uncoupling from her brain stem has become the definitive image of Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 pandemic-based thriller, Contagion. Yes, Contagion, you know,...

    Ode to a Waitress

    ‘I’d rather be doing anything, anything than this shit’, falls out between hysterical bouts of sobs – my Mum didn’t sign up for this....

    Review: The Oxford Revue and Friends

    To keep an audience laughing consistently at amateur comedy sketches for over two hours is the impressive achievement of the cast of ‘Oxford Revue...

    Review: Kafka’s Dick

    When one mentions the play, Kafka’s Dick, needless to say, it raises a few eyebrows (at least in my experience). Though the title has some relevance...

    Preview: Pleading Stupidity

    As Storm Dennis raged, I wondered if it was strictly necessary that I went to the preview of Pleading Stupidity.It was a whole six minutes’...

    Review: ÜnkelGårf

    Planning a holiday soon? Why not visit the prosperous, democratic and perpetually joyful nation of Orgislavia? They’ve hosted the Olympics for hundreds of years...

    Review: Present Laughter

    Present Laughter, a 1942 play by Noël Coward, recounts the days leading up to the departure of Gary Essendine, an actor, for his tour in Africa....

    Review: The Importance of Being Earnest

    Yii-Jen Deng reviews 'The Importance of Being Earnest' at Teddy Hall.

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