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    The Queen’s Death: To Mourn Without Love

    "I would like to weigh in, a year on, as the child of immigrants from within the British Empire, with some thoughts on inheritance, Britishness, and what it means to mourn."

    Don in publisher row over “cancelled” colonialism book

    Professor Nigel Bigger is in a row with publisher Bloomsbury for the "cancellation" of his book about British colonialism.

    Special report: “Have you come to see the shrunken heads?” University Museums face pressure to decolonise

    Oxford University’s museums, the Pitt Rivers and the Ashmolean, have seen a growing appeal to revisit their spaces and museum practices with a contemporary...

    What’s in a name? Buildings and the politics of nomenclature

    Elena Rotzokou discusses the culture wars surrounding the naming (and renaming) of buildings in Oxford and beyond, and examines the meanings that these names carry.

    Auntythetical: Is beauty in the eye of the coloniser?

    I regularly feel overlooked in favour of my white peers. I know that this isn’t just a ‘me problem’, having discussed this with my other Asian friends, but it feels incredibly personal.

    “Financial Challenges:” Inside the Oriel College commission report

    "The second main objection raised by Oriel college are the “financial challenges” placed by the statue’s removal. In his will, Cecil Rhodes left around 100,000 - worth around 12 million in today’s value - to Oriel college, making up “less than 2% of the value of his estate”.

    BREAKING: Rhodes should fall, commission concludes

    In a report seen by The Guardian, the commission advised that the College not only removes the statue, but a plaque featuring a portrait of Rhodes on King Edward Street. It also urged the College to publish a statement definitively detailing its association with Rhodes and his legacy.

    ‘Because I shall write the history’: The National Trust’s uphill battle to acknowledge colonialism

    "The National Trust’s attempt to simply avoid censorship is perceived as a threat by those who are more interested in following the traditional heroic narrative of British imperialism, obscuring a reality of millions of deaths."

    New online hub raises awareness of University’s colonial past

    The online hub includes details on the University's efforts to address system racism in education, including outreach programmes which aim to provide support to Black applicants at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

    Oxford’s imperial present: ‘postcolonialism’ doesn’t mean it’s over

    "What could this mean for Oxford? It requires a recognition as students and members of the university that we are not the pinnacle of merit, but the pinnacle of privilege."

    Cameroon and the problematic nature of humanitarian aid

    "Humanitarian aid, by its very nature, creates a narrative based on status imbalance, forming a relationship between those who need help, and those who fly across the world to provide it."

    Fresh old stuff that hurts in the right places

    New period drama forces us to rethink what we want from history.

    Opinion – Britain’s education system must break its silence

    TW: Racism During the six months I spent in Australia in Year 9 I learnt more about the history of imperialism, the atrocities committed...

    Can museums be decolonised? The restitution question

    The first step of reckoning with our colonial past is recognising its remaining presence. Every aspect of modern life is informed by the spoils...

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