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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tag: classics

A little clueless never hurt nobody: the value of revisiting old favourites

Re-watching allows us to change and to recognise growth within ourselves

The symbiosis of high and pop culture

Engrained in the very notion of ‘popular culture’ is an implication that it is a base derivative of ‘high culture’ – but does this opinion remain...

Ancient statues reveal their true colours

Imagine for a moment that you’re standing in Ancient Greece. Theatres, temples, and statues, which survive to us only as ruins, stand intact all around you, white marble gleaming in the Mediterranean sun.

Rebellion and Art

Picture a circle of people holding hands, dancing around. Nothing particularly remarkable about that, right? Now imagine half of them as skeletons.

Fry ‘held audience in the palm of his hand’ in Mythos performance

Fry has enough charisma and charm to match any of the Olympian characters in his tales, but could he hold the audience’s attention for such a mythological marathon as this?

Stephen Fry on Mythos

James Rampton speaks to one of the nation's favourite story tellers about the upcoming production of his book 'Mythos'

Last Supper in Pompeii

The enticing title doesn’t do justice, however, to the breadth of the collection: 400 objects from around the Roman world and beyond, covering centuries, showcasing the Romans’ relationship to food and drink.

Over two thirds of Classics students privately educated for last five years

Fewer than 25% of Oxford classicists attended UK state schools.

Is sadness ‘all Greek’ to you? – Greek tragedy in the modern day

Can Greek tragedies be staged for a modern audience?

‘A bit of Bah Humbug’: Christmas in Great Expectations

Dickens is the perfect post-Christmas antidote to anyone exhausted by the festive season

Mary Beard interview – “The ancient world is a safe space for arguing”

Mary Beard discusses the Classics, political-polarisation, and access with Barney Pite

Lysistrata Review – ‘some over-directing vitiates a few performances’

Katie Sayer's anticipation of Oriel Classics Society's interpretation of a bizarre Greek comedy turns out to be a tragedy

Civilisations Review: Repeating the same mistakes

Simon Schama, Mary Beard, and David Olusoga; the terrible trio chosen to update the BBC relic Civilisations have fallen foul of all the usual potholes. Tasked with modernisation they haven't quite pulled it off. 

Oxford academic drowned in Greece

The highly respected Classics tutor and lecturer drowned off the coast of Ouranoupoli, Greece last September

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