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    West-Eastern Storyman: Lord Patten on China and Diplomacy

    "Both historical vignettes speak to the complexity of international relations and its continuity between past and present, between West and East. And as the last colonial governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten’s life serves to bridge these eras and civilisations."

    Babel, or the Beauty of Multilingualism

    Emerald Ace-Acquah reflects on the complexities of language, colonisation, and power, as explored in R. F. Kuang's new novel.

    Exclusive: Politics Faculty refuse to record ‘Politically Sensitive’ China lectures

    For the last two years the Faculty of Politics and International Relations has not recorded lectures titled “Is China a Democracy?” and “On...

    Unaddressed servers: Is online gaming gaming you?

    If you’ve ever been one to get back from school on a weekday, switch on the PlayStation or Xbox to talk to your friends...

    Chinese diplomats’ Twitter use analysed in Oxford study

    The report claims that China has “significantly expanded its online public diplomacy efforts”.

    Fantasy: medieval European influences and alternatives

    Faeries, elves, centaurs, wizards, dragons. In its purest form, fantasy is one of the most ancient literary genres, and fantastical elements can be found...

    Precarity and prejudice: reflections from a Chinese student in Oxford

    CW: Mentions of Racism. "As a Chinese student in the West, I have found myself constantly caught in between the entanglement of racialized identities and international political battles." Flair Donglai SHI reflects on prejudice in its different forms.

    The Uyghur genocide and global inaction: Responsibility to Protect

    " China, one amongst a host of global superpowers, exists in a ‘buffer zone’ from humanitarian intervention. To take action against the Chinese government is simply undesirable to the global community, over fears that it may lead to adverse economic consequences for major powers also." After President Biden dismissed the mass internment of Uyghur muslims in China as something that could be attributed to 'different cultural norms', Molly Simpson considers the reasons for the lack of international response.

    General Motors’ stake in China’s Electric Vehicle market

    "The Chinese government is, on the whole, more committed to the EV transition and they have promising start-ups. I forecast that China’s EV market will continue to lead global demand and there will be a rise of Chinese automakers." Gabriel Ng looks at the future of electric vehicles and General Motors' involvement in a burgeoning Chinese market.

    Oxford study claims deaths outside Wuhan in China did not increase in early 2020

    "Outside of Wuhan city, overall deaths did not increase in China during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic, research by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Oxford University has shown."

    One Thing the Trump administration got right: U.S. foreign policy on CCP

    In a rare display of bi-partisan agreement, Biden's nomination for Secretary of State has said he agrees with his predecessors conclusions on the Xinxiang atrocities. And atrocities they are.

    Washington’s two Cold Wars

    "Without the shackles of Pompeo’s convictions, the leader of the free world treats China as a corporate rival rather than an ideological nemesis."

    Money talks: China’s approach to international relations

    "The undertone to Liu Xiaoming’s interview seemed to be 'turn a blind eye to our domestic affairs and focus on the economic benefit which we can bring to you'."

    Hong Kong National Security Law: Safeguard or Subversion?

    "Any legal grounds in defence of the National Security Law are uprooted by the breaches in fundamental principles that have long governed life in Hong Kong, by the laws of China where justice and fairness are near non-existent."

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