Friday, May 20, 2022
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Oxford isn’t designed to change

"Oxford is doing what it is designed to do: reconstruct and renew Britain’s elite first, act as an educational institution second."

Changes by the River

'It doesn’t matter how stagnant we feel, The seasons keep on flowing'


"Travelling into The sunset, a new cowboy ready to ride"

The Solidified People

"The people have solidified since the summer. Seized up in the cold. No longer fluid Melting and melding together in the sun They can be discerned as individuals now. Separate entities two metres apart."

At the Station

A laugh into the silence, a step into the stillness, and a single breath seems to make the station tremble.

The Art of the Runway

The art of the fashion show For a long time, fashion shows were exclusive, closed-off events, yet things are changing. As shows are increasingly...

Strictly Straight Dancing: Why millennials no longer watch TV

Young people have switched off the box, could values have something to do with it?