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How (not) to look at buildings

When was the last time something was so beautiful it shocked you?

A Change of Heart

"last term I signed up, dutifully, to deliver copies of Cherwell, and was driven around by Timmy, Cherwell’s charismatic, 10-year-loyal delivery driver. Between anecdotes of farcically angry porters, the topic of conversation fell upon St Hilda’s College’s recently completed new buildings."

Hope Street: A Tale of Two Cathedrals

Nestled either end of Hope Street lie two of Britain’s great places of worship. These are the (Anglican) Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool,...

Oxford’s Eyesores: Brutalism’s Place among the Dreaming Spires

For most, to think of Oxford is to think of its historic architecture, from the Anglo Saxon Tower of St. Michael and Christchurch’s twelfth century cathedral,...

The Sheldonian

That is the beauty of the concert. Music threading its way in and out of the thoughts of a hundred vague spirits in the audience.

Where Things Turn Out Different

Bombay is an Anglicisation of the Marathi word Mumbai. For this reason, it has become a source of awkwardness.

New humanities building project underway as architect selected

In an email to students, Head of Major Capital Projects Karen Brill announced the imminent revelation of the firm tasked with the development of...

Chemical Contrast

It is effectively government policy that the science student is fundamentally more socially valuable than the artist. Resistance to this mode of thinking...

Worcester College building shortlisted for Stirling Prize

The £9 million Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre is in the running for the most prestigious architecture award in the UK

The insidious power of borrowing

Cultural synthesis has historically been a tool of colonial oppressors

Dreamy spires: Oxford fitter than Cambridge

Oxford ranks higher than 'the other place' in list of most beautiful universities, but neither claim the top spot

My town and my gown: Gloucester

Sam Sheppard discusses the differences between his life in Oxford and in Gloucester.

Layers of history in the bright colours of Porto

Ellie Duncan is enchanted by the 'azulejos' of Portugal

Oxford’s historic skyline will “absolutely not” be damaged, despite “high rise” plans

Reports of taller buildings plans dismissed as “headline fantasy” by Councillor Alex Hollingsworth

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