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    Tag: antisemitism

    Labour members must stay in order to save the Party

    Keir Mather argues that, following Labour's failure to expel Ken Livingstone, membership is not only morally justified, but necessary

    Full Royall report confirms cases of antisemitic behaviour at OULC

    The report answers the concerns initially raised by the resignation of co-Chair Alex Chalmers

    NUS to decide Jewish rep without input from Jewish students

    Union of Jewish Students accuse NUS National Executive Council of "complete lack of commitment to Jewish students"

    To fight anti-Semitism, vote #YestoNUS

    Rivka Micklethwaite argues that leaving the NUS is not conducive to tackling anti-Semitism

    Former OULC co-Chair kicked out of Labour

    David Klemperer suspended from the Labour Party after nominating Harry Samuels as a Lib Dem candidate in recent elections

    No evidence of “institutional antisemitism” in Labour Club

    Details of alleged individual instances of antisemitism in OULC controversially witheld from publication in Baroness Royall's report

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