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Oxford admissions report reveals falling intake of state school students despite rise in applications

Oxford’s latest admissions report reveals that over 20% of British students admitted come from disadvantaged backgrounds, however, the proportion of students coming from state...

Why is the care leaver population so low at Oxford?

"Arbitrary cut-off points in the admissions process fail people from the care system."

Record number of BME students received places in 2022 as EU and overall applications fall

According to Oxford’s newest admissions report, for the first time in at least five years, the overall number of applications to Oxford has decreased,...

Oxford makes progress after centuries of social engineering in admissions

"That students from Harrow no longer enjoy the 45.2% Oxbridge acceptance rate they did five years ago is not a crime."

Oxford applications fall for first time in eight years

Amidst a cost of living crisis and cuts to the value of maintenance loan, Oxford University has seen a decline in admissions. There were...

Accessibility is More than a Bullet Point – On Liz Truss’ Oxbridge Pledge

"Accessibility is about empowerment. It is about knowledge – addressing the legitimate fears that state school students have and enabling them to make an informed choice about what studying at Oxford or Cambridge is like."

Liz Truss promises Oxbridge admissions shakeup

Liz Truss, frontrunner in the race for Conservative Party leadership, has suggested she will reform the Oxbridge admissions system to give all top students...

Writing on the Filing Cabinets: A State School Student’s Response to Emma Duncan

"The implication that our [state school students'] presence is a threat to upholding the average IQ here is unbelievably condescending."

70% of 2022 offers made to state-educated students

The University has announced that for the 2022 incoming class of students more than 69% of offers to UK applicants were made to students educated in the state sector.

2020 Oxbridge admissions statistics sees two state schools make the top five

"At Hills Road College, 69 students have now also received an offer for the 2021 cohort, 38 from the University of Oxford and 31 from the University of Cambridge."

Rise in number of offers to students from BAME backgrounds

The number of students from BAME and socially disadvantaged backgrounds receiving offers has risen over the last two admissions cycles, new statistics from UCAS show.

Oxbridge applicants face technical difficulties during admissions tests

A number of candidates who sat for university admissions tests two weeks ago, such as the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and Thinking Skills Assessment...

A centenary of full University membership for women at Oxford

Oxford has launched a campaign to recognise the centenary anniversary of women at the University. On the 7th of October 1920, Oxford began giving...

Oxford to use socioeconomic data for DPhil applicants in graduate access push

Oxford will consider socioeconomic data in PhD applicants, as the University looks to improve access to postgraduate courses. Tutors across departments use contextual data...

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