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Pop-Classical Fusion: Alexander Joseph’s Für Elise Reimagined

"It is prefaced: “What if Beethoven’s Für Elise… Had been written by Ludovico Einaudi?”... ‘Reimagining’ Beethoven in the style of Einaudi would entail a translation of Beethoven’s ‘classical’ harmonies into the more accessible language of modern film/popular music, potentially downsizing the role of melody and musical form in favour of communicating a more homogeneous ‘background’ sound." Yundi Li discusses the role TikTok and other new media play in changing dialogues of genre fusion.

Oat-so-lovely: exploring the overnight craze

If you follow any food blogs or channels on social media, you may have noticed the breakfast trend sweeping Instagram and Tiktok: overnight oats....

‘Something Wicked’: The Rise of Modern Witchcraft

"At a time when the world seems more uncertain than ever, young people in particular are turning to witchcraft in order to find a sense of stability."

TikTok’s toxic ‘chav’ trend

"It seems the ‘chav’ caricature, which depicts the working class as trashy, aggressive and antisocial, is making a sinister comeback among a generation who appear ignorant of its role in demonising the lower classes."

What TikTok tells us about our toxic relationship with celebrities

"These TikTok stars are what we have made them through our gluttonous appetite for celebrity."

The Ultimate Face off: Vine or TikTok?

Forever in Our Hearts, The Legacy of Vine by Lizzie Harvey Like it or not, Vine’s legacy is undeniable. Despite shutting down in 2016, its online cultural...

Say So, TikTok, and the ‘Viral Sleeper Hit’

William McCathie examines TikTok's hit-making capabilities

For whom the Tik Toks speak

TikTok is a language entirely based on embracing ridicule

Can I speak to the manager?: what ‘Karen’ tells us about Internet discourse

'The social context to Internet discourse should not go ignored.' Zehra Munir discusses the 'Karen' phenomenon and its ability to capture the mood of society.

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