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    Women’s Super League season kicks off live on Sky and the BBC — and it’s been a long time coming.

    "What more do we need to do to bring more football-lovers into the women’s game? How can we elevate the status of ladies’ football? It seems as though there’s a wealth of potential left untapped, hindered by years of lurking in the shadows, not receiving the attention nor investment it so needed or deserved."

    The absurdity of adult animation

    I propose that we start considering animation as the art form it is:one that allows for the pushing of boundaries and the creation of beautiful nonsense.

    In Conversation with Dick and Dom

    When our Zoom call connects, Dom has his arm wrapped around the back of Dick’s chair. The pair are sitting in a normal-looking front...

    Eagerly Anticipating: Sex Education Series 3

    "I am desperately hoping Sex Education returns as planned in January – we don’t need any more bad news this year."

    Approaching sexual assault on screen: The triumph of I May Destroy You

    Coel reminds us that sexual assault is not always staring down at us from a bathroom stall. Sexual assault can be quiet, even subtle. Sexual assault can live hidden, unnamed in memories for years.

    In conversation with Dr Xand

    Dr. Alexander van Tulleken has Covid-19. He told me as much down the phone, explaining that no other disease could explain the symptoms he...

    I’m watching ‘YOU’

    When its second series aired in December 2019, the Netflix hit YOU managed to take trashy TV to new levels. Complete with sex, violence,...

    Cracking on Love Island

    Love Island has returned to our screens for the winter season, bringing back the glossy drama and soft-porn camera shots that have taken over British televisions for the past few summers.

    Netflix and Grill?

    How a culture of 'binge-watching' may be changing our diets

    Dick and Dom: life out of da bungalow

    Dick and Dom in da Bungalow won Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood the hearts of children across the nation. Samuel Juniper tries to meet the men behind the personas

    Transforming light into flesh

    Netflix's new series of The Crown entrances with nuanced links between love and photography

    University Challenge – the insider’s story

    Maxim Parr-Reid shines light on his experiences on this year's University Challenge

    We’ve all been mugged off for someone who looks better in a bikini

    Susannah Goldsbrough argues that Love Island is far from fantasy

    The shifting landscape of television news

    Theo Davies-Lewis responds to a new study on how the digital revolution is changing broadcast news

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