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Leader: BeReal has the potential to change student social media usage for the better

If there’s anything that defined my teenage years and early adulthood, it’s Instagram. I try as hard as I can to resist the shallow...

Generation Sharent: Are Hyper-Exposed Children the Price of Social Media Fame?

"While parents' desire to share the lives of their little ones are often borne out of the best intentions, a child’s right to determine the course of their lives on their own terms, on-and-offline, should take precedence."

Could artificial intelligence disrupt our world?

"AI has great potential for human welfare, holding the promise of countless scientific and medical advantages, as well as cheaper high-quality services, but involves a plethora of risks."

Bitcoin, climate change and social justice

At the time of writing, the price of a single Bitcoin is £24,208, having dropped more than £20k in value and counting from its...

‘Blanched and pureed’: what does globalisation do to world music?

"Is the hit single really a triumph of Korean music and the result of successful diversification of the globalised music industry? Or is it an omen of homogenised world music, blanched and pureed under Anglophone influence?" Coral Kim discusses whether BTS disprove the model of "l'exception française".

Everything wrong with social media infographics: an informative thread

"Infographics also generate slacktivism, which gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something and creating change, whilst in reality not much is being done." Anvee Bhutani investigates the problems inherent in social media infographics.

NHS COVID app may have prevented 200,000-900,000 infections

For every person who shared their positive test result with the app, an average of 4.4 people were alerted and told to self-isolate. Most alerts occurred during the second half of December when transmission rates increased, driven by the highly transmissible B117 variant.

Review: The Social Dilemma

"The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, depicts the rise of social media and personalised online services. Deeply unnerving, it shows us not only their power over each and every one of us, but also their damage to society."

Automatic Facial Recognition – A gaping hole in data privacy legislation?

As technology advances, we lose track of the vast amounts of data being stored and our ignorance prevents us from protecting our data in the future.

5G mast to be built in Oxford

This past week, the Oxford City Council approved Cornerstone’s plan to build a 5G mast on the corner of Old Road and Windmill Road, near the...

Oxford startup wins global prize for female entrepreneurship

"We are delighted and honoured to be selected as a winner from such truly outstanding and inspiring women-led deeptech companies from all over the globe. "

Eyes Wide Open: How Stanley Kubrick saw humanity

Deep in idyllic Hertfordshire, in the last quarter of the last century, there lived an uncompromising genius. The director Stanley Kubrick was a recluse...

Face to Face // Screen to Screen

If there’s one thing a national lockdown has given me, it’s time. Weekly screen-time reports never fail to astound me – minding my business,...

Oxford backs COVID-19 tracking study

The University has announced that it will be supporting a new government study to track coronavirus in the general population. The study aims to improve...

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