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    Unlocking the Power of EdTech: Revolutionising Education for a Brighter Future

    EdTech: Pioneering the Future of Education In today's modern era, technology's imprint is increasingly prominent, reshaping all aspects of our lives, and carving a new...

    Oxford tops Times’ university rankings for first time in twelve years

    "Oxford scored high across the board. The student to staff ratio was the lowest in the UK (10.5 to 1) and the university also ranks among the best for graduate prospects."

    La Vie en Rose: The new teacher

    She entered with big doughy eyes and a welcoming self-effacing buzz-cut – making her seem above the superficial and the hair-possessing. She looks a...

    Hilary term 2021: when does your undergraduate course resume?

    "Subjects have been sorted into two groups... In-person teaching for courses in group one will begin from Monday 18th January, and Monday 25th for group two."

    University releases plans for remote teaching in Michaelmas

    The Oxford University Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has released detailed plans for remote teaching in the 2020/21 academic year. Cherwell has summarised what you...

    Oxford politics professor wins Guardian Inspiring Leader Award

    Karma Nabulsi, Fellow in Politics at St Edmund Hall, achieves success in the Inspiring Leader category of the Guardian University Awards

    Profile: Wendy Cope

    Poet Wendy Cope on teaching, parodies, and writing what we are all thinking

    Giles Coren claims bad teaching ‘makes Oxford special’

    Television presenter, food critic and writer Giles Coren has criticised an Oxford graduate suing his former college for his second-class degree. Brasenose College alumnus Faiz...

    English: Lost in translation

    We should educate foreign teachers instead of funding vanity trips for students, says Vivien Zhu

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