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The Saintly Lives of Students

"There, there(‘s) a graveyard in the college where drunk students in funeral suits smile through tombstone teeth."

A ‘Nectarine’-ly sweet end to the term!

"To be frank, this Hilary, whilst sweet at certain corners, has left me feeling a little emotionally bruised and in some aspects, a bit rotten."

1st week: Is there mushroom for failure?

Like many returning students, I have spent the past week either bitterly cold (apologies to those who gave me concerned looks on the high...

The Not So Secret History – The Party

I’m beginning to think a fortnightly column simply isn’t enough to cover everything that goes on in this house of mine. To give you...

Pedal to the metal

Oxford is a city ruled by cyclists. In this cycling paradise, pedestrians often find themselves swept up in the whirlwind of cyclists and tourists,...

Dinner date with yourself

When one of my closest friends first introduced me to the phrase “date yourself”, I found it ridiculous. I have always enjoyed my own...

Are you taking the mick? The secret world of student satire 

Oxford’s main student publications are so ubiquitously publicised, they’re impossible to miss. The juiciest of newspapers, however, are shrouded in secrecy. Their existence is...

The Rejection Letter

"I’m also worried that I’m simply not interesting enough to care deeply about anything, and that means that I won’t succeed."

The art of being silly

"...Give yourself license to do something stupidly silly and sillily stupid while you’re still here."

How can we make the most of Oxford’s eight-week frenzy?

"We have found ourselves in a place where we are surrounded by tradition and glamour, yet we have no time to enjoy it."

Alcoholism at Oxford University: A Perspective

"Alcohol nearly ruined my life. For many years to come, I think, I’ll still be grappling with its consequences."

Whatever floats your boat: Leo Buckley on the realities of the river

“I can sleep and I can host, and that’s all I need. I’m a happy man.”

Netflix and Scroll: Sound Familiar?

All findings are taken from the 31 responses to a survey that was released early Hilary Vac 2023. Before I begin on my journey, exploring...

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