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    Naval Warfare: A review of Oxford water polo

    Oxford B v Cambridge B February 8 The Oxford squad huddle as Hertford spectators converge on the poolside. Cambridge? Absent… but soon the mint shorts...

    Broken Jumbotrons and Blurred Lines: Victor Wembanyama’s Roanne Rematch

    In the second quarter, Victor finds himself double marked, he goes up for a three and finds Bandja Sy with a pass instead.

    The Mankad, sporting etiquette and the so-called “Spirit of Cricket”

    While the level of skill required is up for debate, it doesn’t explain the centrality of ‘sportsmanship’ in this conversation.

    Oxford Blues have grey day against England Under-20s

    After the sacking of England rugby men’s coach Eddie Jones, the men’s rugby Blues were the first team to face an England side under...

    I tried out college football last term, you should too

    But if anything, I hope that I showed it is, believe it or not, worth it.

    Looking ahead – Cricket in 2023

    Speaking of the Australians, they arrive in the summer for one of the most hotly anticipated Ashes series in memory.

    The palace gates are opened: watching Spain vs Morocco live from Rabat

    The entire city took to the streets in revolutionary fashion. It was a race to Morocco’s Telecom Tower in Hay Riad.

    Oxford, it’s World Cup time!

    "Whether you can list all the winners since 66’ or you just learned today that project Mbappe isn’t the French spinoff of project runway. It can be enjoyed by all."

    Why I’m not watching the World Cup

    If your answer to this is that football is just a game and should not be about politics, then I say that is exactly the point.

    Will the full-time whistle be blown on Rugby Union?

    "A recent survey published by the Statista Research Department shows that from 2016 – 2021 participation in senior rugby in the United Kingdom has nearly halved."

    Katerina’s Ultimate Ranking of Oxford sports

    "This is the very official and very empirical ranking of college sport as per the expertise and excellence of the deputy editor for the Cherwell Sports section."

    (Women’s) football: the past, the present and hopes for the future

    "Interest, support, strong passionate sentiments of support from prominent individuals – that is recent but professionalism, grit, and determination that has been displayed by the Lionesses is certainly not."

    Still in the shadow of the men: the uphill battle for women’s sports

    "Truthfully speaking, my flimsy gender parity test isn’t even necessary to see that the most successful women’s sports are those which occur in the presence of the men’s equivalent."

    OURFC condemns Rugby Football Union’s ‘trans ban’

    The Oxford University Rugby Football club has released a statement condemning the decision of the Rugby Football Union Council to imposed a on ban...

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