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Friday, June 24, 2022

Tag: Spain

Long Read – The EU Betrays Solidarity

When the European Economic Community (EEC) shifted to the European Union in 1993, Maastricht Treaty emphasised ‘solidarity’ as its founding tenet. In the Treaty, member states...

Catalan Separatism Cannot Succeed

This article is a response to Eli Rubies’ articles in the 25/10/19 paper (2nd week MT19), sharing a point of view from a fellow Spaniard.

Is there a way out of this crisis for the Catalan people?

Don't believe the half-truths and empty rhetoric on both sides, warns Jorge López Llorente

King of Spain tours Oxford during state visit

Felipe VI chose to end his state visit with a topical speech at the Bodleian Library

Letter from abroad: Salamanca

Claire Leibovich discusses trying to shake off Oxford pressures while in Spain

Letter from abroad: Spain and France

Caitlin McLoughlin shares how the year abroad is not just about the food and fiestas.

Walking the pilgrim’s way

Looking back at his exhibition 'We will meet', Alvin Ong tells Sophie Jordan of his walks along the thin line between memory and fiction

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