Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Two people walking along a snowed down track holding skiis.

Varsity Trip sold out at high speed, and resold at high...

"The tickets sold out in 30 minutes, a record time ... Ticketbridge (Cambridge University’s ticket page) was soon crowded with posts, with tickets being resold at eye-watering sums of £1000"

The Tour de Ski: Something for winter sports fans

Every year cross-country skiers from around the world begin a gruelling few days of competition in order to be crowned champion of the Tour...
A snowy landscape taken from a ski slope. To the right is a cluster of buildings.

Varsity Ski Trip: a downhill slope?

There is nothing like finishing term and starting the Christmas festivities than getting stuffed onto a musty old coach for twenty-something hours

Plenty of snow but little silverware for Oxford’s skiers

The races end honours even on the Varsity Trip following a batch of heavy snowfall