Saturday, September 18, 2021
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    In Conversation With Dr. Robert Lefkowitz

    Eight-year-old Robert Lefkowitz was a man (well, boy) with a plan. Inspired by his family physician, Dr Feibush, he knew he wanted to become...

    Antibiotic resistance driven by host immunity and rapid evolution

    The study reports that rapid bacterial evolution interacts with the host's immunity to shape both the rise, and fall, of resistance during infection.

    Research finds pregnant women at high risk from COVID-19

    The researchers aimed to understand the effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy by amassing robust data on pregnant women with and without a diagnosis of COVID-19. This was a vital step for a number of reasons: to ensure that families understand the risks involved, mothers and babies receive the best possible care, and so that health resources, such as vaccines may be appropriately allocated. Until the release of this paper, the quality of information available has been limited.

    Nanotechnology – Opportunity or Risk?

    Nanotechnology is a rapidly evolving field of science involving creation at the nanoscale: the objects made measure between one and one hundred nanometres. For...

    Citizen scientists study polar bears with Oxford researchers

    Rhere are currently 1358 volunteers supporting the research. The Arctic Bears project asks these volunteers to study batches of photos alongside a field guide. The volunteers provide the researchers with information on the number of bears or cubs, their genders, and multiple other factors.

    Oxford study estimates over 60,000 excess deaths during pandemic

    The study, which looks at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mortality trends, reported an increase of 15.1% in the number of deaths compared with the expected level for 2020.

    Science Snippets: Cardiac Construction

    "A study from the University of Minnesota ... reports the successful creation of a functioning, scaled-down human heart pump using a 3D printer."

    Oxford dubbed most influential research institution in the UK

    Oxford’s academics are the most cited researchers in the UK and the second most cited in all of Europe, a report by Clarivate suggests. ...

    Oxford project to research origins of coinage

    A new project investigating the origins of money has been announced by the Faculty of Classics at Oxford University. The project is set to last...

    COVID immunity wanes within months, Oxford study says

    Researchers with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have found antibody responses to COVID-19 decrease by half in less than 90 days. The report...