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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: recipes

Sponge Baker to Slater Creator

The sense of achievement I’ve felt making these recipes massively outweighs my actual creations – mostly ten-seconds-in-a-blender things – but I feel great about them.

Recipe : Deconstructed Mississippi Mud Pie

Cooking time 2 hours, Serves 5

Pretty In Pink : The Many Uses of Beetroot

A look at the history and uses of a classic ingredient.

Recipe: Sweet Nachos

Serves 4-8 Time: 1 hour

An Ode to Cookbooks

Cookbooks offer a useful way to learn new and tasty recipes

Profile: Mary Berry

After taking my seat towards the back of the Union debating chamber, uncertain whether Cherwell would be able to interview Mary Berry, the illustrious...

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