Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Dean of the Faculty of Law launches #RaceMeToo

Responses to #RaceMeToo have ranged from shock at her experiences to solidarity from non-BAME people. But mostly, what followed was recognition.

#StopAsianHate was long overdue

"Whether it be when going for a walk in the park or when doing the weekly supermarket shop, I felt a slight pang of fear whenever someone looked at me or approached me, scared of whatever prejudice my mere presence had ignited within them."

This is England: Football and the nation

The national team celebrated diversity, embraced difference, and spoke up for those facing oppression. But this fails to map onto society at large. They showed what Englishness and our idea of the nation could be, but not what it is. The ideal of England offered throughout this tournament was just that: an ideal, far removed from reality.

Precarity and prejudice: reflections from a Chinese student in Oxford

CW: Mentions of Racism. "As a Chinese student in the West, I have found myself constantly caught in between the entanglement of racialized identities and international political battles." Flair Donglai SHI reflects on prejudice in its different forms.
Oxford Lanscape

A View Into Both Worlds: Being Mixed-Race in Oxford

CW: Racism, mentions of violence "Throughout my time in Oxford, people have blindly made jokes about the food I eat, my various foreign mannerisms, and other misplaced snubs at the expense of the Asian community. Maybe they thought I’d find them 50% funny. Maybe they didn’t care to realise they were not." 

Oxford ACS responds to racial harassment incident at Christ Church

"A thorough internal investigation has since taken place, resulting in a disciplinary process which is ongoing."

The American Story, Part 3: The Future of America’s Pasts

"Simply put, the ‘American story’ is so resilient and long-enduring because it is useful... For those silenced by the American story, a new ‘America’ is long overdue."

Oxford City Council launches anti-racist charter

The Oxford City Council has launched an Anti-Racism Charter to contend with the “systemic racism” within the city. The Charter defines Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Anti-black...

Review: Mach-Hommy’s ‘Mach’s Hard Lemonade’

Mach’s music can be compared to stocks, which you invest in for a return on them.

Blind student wins payout from Oxford Union

A blind Ghanaian student who was refused entry to the Oxford Union's debating chamber in Michaelmas 2019 has reached an out-of-court settlement with the...