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    Precarity and prejudice: reflections from a Chinese student in Oxford

    CW: Mentions of Racism. "As a Chinese student in the West, I have found myself constantly caught in between the entanglement of racialized identities and international political battles." Flair Donglai SHI reflects on prejudice in its different forms.

    Reinvention: rethinking gender and race on stage

    "Marginalised actors should not just be shoehorned into pre-existing plays without any respect or provision for the stories they have to tell. To do so is to package diversity into commercially successful morsels that are digestible for largely white, middle-class audiences."

    Video project highlights ethnic minority students’ Oxford experiences

    An Oxford undergraduate has launched a video project to raise awareness of the experiences of ethnic minority students at the University. Walk in my Shoes,...

    Black trauma porn, slacktivism, and chicken soup for the activist soul

    TW: racism, police brutality, racial violence The torrential online aftermath of the murder of a black man: posts mourning fallen black victims, names added to...

    Christ Church JCR candidate steps down after George Floyd comments, college responds

    A Christ Church JCR candidate has linked the protests after the death of George Floyd with "flour shortage", in JCR minutes seen by Cherwell....

    Are we blind to the need for blind casting?

    Perhaps the biggest debate surrounding ‘gender-blind and colour-blind’ casting (with which actors are cast regardless of the traditional race/gender of their role) is the...

    Letting loose: our relationship to “natural hair”

    It’s been about three months since the start of what we now know to be a worldwide shutdown. Like many other students, I’ve been...

    This House believes the Union has a long way to go

    “It is with great pleasure that I call upon Mr. Malcolm X to speak fifth, in favour of the motion.” With these words, Malcolm...

    Literary Blackface

    When the largest book retailer in the United States, Barnes & Noble, launched their so-called Diverse Editions initiative in honour of Black History Month,...

    “Black students don’t apply to Oxbridge because of a deficit of hairdressers”

    It's time to debunk popular myths about race and Oxbridge.

    Former Nuffield fellow Noah Carl expelled from Cambridge

    The investigation found that "Dr Carl had collaborated with a number of individuals who were known to hold extremist views"

    Strictly Straight Dancing: Why millennials no longer watch TV

    Young people have switched off the box, could values have something to do with it?

    Ucas hits back at ‘racial profiling’ claims

    They pledged to strengthen the voices of black, Asian and minority ethnic students

    Only two black finalists awarded firsts in 2017

    Black people and women achieved a lower percentage of firsts than their white, male counterparts.

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