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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Profiles

“I don’t believe in a redemption arc for Perez Hilton” : Perez Hilton in Conversation

Perez Hilton is saying sorry. 17 years since the rise and fall of his controversial blog, this near-universally loathed gossipmonger turned businessman and doting father...

From Cherwell to the BBC: Marianna Spring in Conversation

Since being appointed the BBC’s first specialist disinformation reporter at the start of 2020, she has monitored the spread of viral misinformation and conspiracy theories across social media, and the consequences when they bleed into the real world. It has been a year which has seen her delve into corners of the internet where QAnon and anti-vax conspiracies thrive,

In Conversation with Raven Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness

CW: Mentions of suicide, r*pe threats, and cyberbullying. 'After years and years of silence and secrecy, I’m here to tell the truth,' begins Sarah in...

In conversation with Dr Xand

Dr. Alexander van Tulleken has Covid-19. He told me as much down the phone, explaining that no other disease could explain the symptoms he...

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